Feedback to the Survey on Equity Method of Accounting

5 December 2014

The IASB initiated a research project on the equity method of accounting in response to the feedback received to the Agenda Consultation 2011.

Having acknowledged the critical importance of the issue, the ASBJ carried out a survey to Japanese constituents to seek their views on the usefulness and practical challenges relating to the information using equity method of accounting. As a result of the survey, most respondents stated that the information resulting from the application of the equity method of accounting is generally considered to be useful. However, many respondents also pointed out that they have faced practical challenges when applying the equity method of accounting.

The ASBJ prepared a paper summarising feedback received for the survey, and presented it during the ASAF meeting of December 2014.

Attachment: The ASBJ Paper “Feedback to the Survey on Equity Method of Accounting”

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