Working Group


The ASBJ has set up the Working Group: Endorsement of IFRS to carry out the endorsement process of accounting standards and interpretations (“Standards”) issued by the IASB and to determine whether Standards could be accepted in Japan, so as to develop the Japan’s Modified International Standards (JMIS): Accounting Standards Comprising IFRSs and the ASBJ Modifications.



Atsushi Itabashi Director, ASBJ


Kenichi Akiba Professor of Commerce, Waseda University
Shinya Arakawa Deputy General Manager, Corporate Accounting Department, Global Controller Division, Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Shinichi Imakiire Deputy General Manager, Finance Group, Hitachi, Ltd.
Zenpei Ogawa Senior Manager, Head of Department, Financial Accounting Dept., Accounting & Finance Div., Nippon Steel Corporation
Atsushi Ochi

Senior Manager, Certified Public Accountant, Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC

Makoto Kaimasu Executive Vice President, The Securities Analysts Association of Japan
Masahiro Kawanishi  Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC
Goro Kumagai Senior Fellow, Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Office, Global Strategy Department, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.*
Nobuyuki Sato Expert, Global Accounting Management Department, Accounting Division, TOSHIBA Corporation
Shuichi Takahata Manager, Financial Planning Group, Managerial & Financial Planning Department, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Katsunobu Mandai Professor, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University
Kenichi Yoshimura Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC
Yasunobu Kawanishi Vice Chair, ASBJ
Hideaki Hirose Board Member, ASBJ
Rieko Yanou Board Member, ASBJ

*Board Member of the ASBJ (part-time)


Masayoshi Ogiwara Translation Project Manager, ASBJ
Shingo Yamazawa Project Manager, ASBJ
Haruyuki Yamashita Project Manager, ASBJ


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